Practical tips for implementing Digital Signage

Practical tips for implementing Digital Signage

With the development of information technology, traditional “paper” stands are increasingly being replaced by more efficient digital solutions. Today, a person is surrounded by a huge number of digital media Online Shopping Shop Journey. People are so used to a dynamic, beautiful, bright picture that its ubiquitous presence has become a necessity for them. A person pays attention to video twice more often than to static images. The advent of video content on all digital signage has become a reality with the advent of affordable, modern and easy-to-use digital signage media players. Digital Signage systems have established themselves as the most effective and actively developing marketing tool. 

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1) The right place

It should be remembered that the choice of location is influenced by the size of the room, the size of the free area for a video wall or other source of displaying content, and the lighting of the room. First, evaluate all possible location options, and only then choose the technical component of the system. Do not forget that the place where you plan to place your digital advertising should be as convenient as possible for the public. These can be places along the escalator, next to the schedule, along the commodity lane, near public transport stops, in places where waiting in line, etc. The public should have time to get acquainted with the advertising sign without pressure from external factors and without wasting their time. 

2) Content

The most important thing in the system is content. Indeed, without quality information, there is no attention of the audience. Creating truly mesmerizing content is not easy and can be a lot of mistakes. However, they are all quick and easy to fix.

Digital advertising should engage people, engage them, and influence their experience. If your displays show black text on a white background, it is almost impossible to attract the attention of a potential customer. It is also foolish to use bright displays when the content itself is monotonous, boring and colorless.

There are many ways to make your content the most engaging. The use of photographs and images is a tried and true means of getting attention. Even more slides will be caught by the signboard using dynamic content – video. Do not forget that the content should lead to the desire to buy a product or service and should be aimed at the target audience for which the offered products are most interesting. Often, before developing the right content, the business owner on his own or with the help of outsourced agencies analyzes the target audience and sometimes studies the reaction of the experimental group to the selected content.

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3) Text

To make the text easy to read and understand, you should adhere to a simple rule: your message should be easy to digest within three seconds. Remember that “too much” as well as “too little” will confuse your audience and reduce the effectiveness of Digital Signage. Screens should not be overflowing with information, and messages should be concise and accurate. If your message cannot be shortened, break it up into several parts and show it on different slides. It is important to remember that Digital Signage is not a story contest, but a way of communicating.

4) Font

Color and font size play a major role in attracting attention. To make the text easy to read, the font should be medium in size. For digital signage, it is good to use a Sans serif font as it remains readable even from a distance. Remember that the small print is harder to read and therefore easier to ignore. You shouldn’t use more than two fonts in one message – it can make it difficult to read. Also, choose the right font and background color so that you don’t have to strain your eyes.