Why this film of health empowerment is one of the most important EVER...

"This inspirational film will completely change your understanding of health and happiness , it will give you the principles to stay healthy for the rest of YOUR life"

~Bernie Siegel

Understand how our bodies are preprogrammed to heal nearly anything, even a life threatening illness.

Learn why your family health history or genetics has little to do with attracting disease IN YOUR LIFETIME.

Discover what one major issue is causing most of our health issues and how it is in YOUR complete control.

Be inspired by Real Life Stories of people who were told there was nothing left the medical community could do to save their lives and they live to tell their miraculous stories.

Gain insight into how science is now showing how powerful our mind is in determining whether you stay healthy or not in your lifetime!

           Basic Tool Kit

STREAM NOW Package        


  • 7 days of Unlimited Streaming
  • Rewired and Inspired E-Book
  • Free Gift Stream
  • *Does not include DVD                                                                   

Empower your life to new levels of vibrant health.

Incorporate key principles in the film to help overcome any health challenges.

Learn how to rewire your thoughts and feelings to support the highest level of well being.

Reprogram your negative and limiting beliefs with ones of unlimited potential and possibility.

Provide coaching by world renowned life coach bob Proctor for $1/day.

Basic Tool Kit

Kit 1: Begin Your Journey

5 products for $29.95


Empower yourself to new levels of health and happiness with these products included is our transformational workbook Rewired and Inspired that you can use as a daily tool for the REST OF your life.


  • The Cure Is film: 2 DVD’s included to share
  • Rewired and Inspired E book with 10 most powerful affirmations workbook
  • Three "Life changing" Digital Videos
  • You Have No Limits • What is Love • Is It Time To Let Go
  • The Ten Principles of Nutrition Digital Video
  • Free Digital Stream of The Cure Is…

*These are digital products

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Standard Tool Kit

Kit 2: Turbo charge

12 Products for $49.95


Turbo Charge your journey further with this kit which includes powerful affirmations and tools to radically shift the way you experience life and will turbo charge your health and happiness.


Includes the Level One Kit PLUS:
  • 10 Powerful Affirmation Recordings
  • Bruce Lipton's Biology Of Belief Video Stream
  • Dr. Sue Morter's Body Awake I Digital Video
  • Paul Chek's The Last Four Doctors You Will
    Ever Need To Know
  • Know and Heal Your Emotions E course from Higher Awareness

*These are digital products

Buy Now w/Free DVD

Premium Tool Kit

Kit 3: The Cure: Proctor Live Coaching

A $700 Value

14 Products for $129


This kit includes live steam coaching by one of the most successful life coaches in the world, Bob Proctor, who brings over 50 years of wisdom plus receive all of our products. This comes to less than $1/day for just the coaching!


Includes All of Our Products PLUS:
  • LIVE Coaching with Bob Proctor for 3 Months
  • Bob Proctor Life Success Puzzle
  • Bob Proctor's Your Unlimited Power To Life and
    Health Stream

*These are digital products

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