Community Screening Packages

Share the message of The Cure is…

The film that’s changing the way we look at health is available to share through community screenings. Community screenings are a great opportunity to bring people together to tap into the transformative power of films by inspiring them to take action in their own lives, as well as their communities.

Showing The Cure Is … in your community is easy. We can help you create an entertaining, informative and life-transforming event stirring discussion and allowing people to share thoughts and feelings.

You’ll need to rent or purchase a public exhibition copy of the film. Included in the price are the resources to help you publicize and promote your event. Resources include screening guides, discussion guides, movie posters, a press kit, and an event-organizer kit.

Enjoy this captivating and poignant film while raising funds for your organization or charity! When you host a movie screening of The Cure Is … attendee donations can help to support your organization or favorite charity.

Screening packages include discounted DVDs for resale at events:

  • < 10 = 3 DVDs
  • < 50 = 10 DVDs
  • < 100 = 20 DVDs
  • < 200 = 40 DVDs
  • < 300 = 60 DVDs
  • Additional DVDs available at discounted rate

Movie length: 78 minutes

If you have questions or need help in setting up your screening, please contact us through the below form or contact us at