Our Affiliate Program

We are extremely excited to launch our affiliate program to assist you in creating more abundance in your life while help spreading one of the most important health messages to come along in decades:

“Our thoughts, beliefs and unresolved emotions may be one of the most significant factors in determining whether we stay healthy in our lifetime or succumb to disease.”

This message of this film is of vital importance to our wellbeing on this planet as each individual becomes healthier, so does the planet. There is no more important area than health to most individuals and this film provides greater understanding of how our thoughts, beliefs and unresolved emotions actually affect us and can even create disease.

This is a very empowering and wonderful message we can all help share and is having a significant impact on people and their ability to help transform their health and lives. And what a difference we can make in spreading this empowering health paradigm to the world!

There are millions of people suffering from every type of illness imaginable and everyone needs to understand how powerful the human body is in repairing itself. We have some unique ideas as to how you can contribute to helping people achieve more vibrant health.

The health statistics of our country are the worst of any developed country in the world. This country is at a point where nearly one out of every two run the risk of cancer in their lifetime. We at The Cure Is realize that we need as many messengers as we can find to help spread this powerful message.

We’ve decided to create a program where we will pay you to help spread the word. We will issue you with your own custom link to share with anyone you want and we will track your sales and pay you 20% of all sales created by you. We have developed a sophisticated system to track your sales, send reports and forward your earnings to you. All you have to do is spread the word.

Please find below a registration form and we will send you detailed information so you can begin helping the people of our country and the world achieve not only a greater understanding of their health, but actually help them heal.

Thank you for your interest in The Cure Is affiliate program.