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Film Reviews

Film Reviews

  • I am proud to present to you,” Inspired”:101 Life Changing spiritual affirmations. This book may serve as your daily practice to assist you in programming your life to highest level of well-being . We believe very strongly in the power of our thought in relationship to our health and staying deeply connected to our spirit to experience the deepest type of health, what we call vibrant well-being. How we orient our mind, our thinking and our perspective in life plays a dramatic role in helping you stay healthy or whether you become vulnerable to creating an environment for disease to enter. Practicing your thinking and connecting to spirit will help you greatly to take control over your health and happiness thus reducing the stress in your life. I use the word programming specifically as it is you who chooses what you think, feel and become . As you download into your “software” the most empowering, life connecting thoughts, you become the creator of your healthy life movie. These affirmations may radically change your life, connect your deeper to your unlimited health capacity and bring more joy to your world! Yours in vibrant health, David

    101 Life Changing Affirmations. Our new FREE E-Book. Inspired

  • This is the cutting edge of health. This unexpected, brilliant movie offers us a prime front-seat experience of insight and wisdom on healing ourselves through healing our unresolved emotions.

    John Selby

  • "This movie does for health what THE SECRET did for wealth."

    holistic health practitioner

  • "One of the most inspiring and thought provoking films I have ever seen."

    Lori Bregman
    life coach, Rooted for Life

  • "This film is incredibly powerful as it clearly shows you how to overcome your disease."

    Laurie Faulkner
    recovering cancer patient

A transformational film about how every human body is brilliantly designed for vitality and longevity. Why then is our health and life expectancy declining? Have we lost our connection to our natural way of living? Is it possible there is a powerful and effective means to address our health and disease, which can assist in tapping into our natural healing capacity of our profoundly powerful human body?

THE CURE IS... unveils one of the most profound, ancient health formulas to be released in over a century. Amazing true stories, woven with testimonials from top scientists, doctors and evolutionary leaders creates a mind-blowing journey of self-discovery that will radically shift the way you look at health and disease forever.

It is time for us look beyond the band-aid approach of medicine in our Western culture and deeper into the unlimited healing capacity of the human body.

THE CURE IS... Join the revolution to health and happiness!