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What is spirit and how can it heal nearly anything?

We all hear this word spirit or spirituality, I often ask myself what really does it means and how is it so intricately tied to our health.

I would like to attempt to define spirit by utilizing some other words which represent what spirit is.

Spirit also has many names that portray what it may be , here are some of them: The God within, Intuition, Natural Knowing, Creative Natural Intelligence.

Our spirit is the energy of creation that is downloaded to each and every one of us from our creation process to birth.

It is that power, force and intelligence that takes a sperm and an egg and divides trillions of times to create human life.

We are all blue prints of creation, a seeming endless data bank of information downloaded into us from our beginning.

Did you know that if all the knowledge was extracted out of our DNA that it would completely fill up the tallest building in the world with computers?

That is how much intelligence is downloaded to you at birth (and with that intelligence is a life purpose that is individual to YOU!)

So, how can our spirit heal nearly anything?


Within us is the soul of the whole, the wise silence, the universal beauty, the    eternal One


     Ralph Waldo Emerson


So, how does connecting to our spirit, our god within affect our health?

The more we are able to hear it, listen to its true voice and take action, we are in alignment with innate intelligence and life proceeds effortlessly. When we do not hear (ignore) and do not follow, our lives create disharmony, discomfort and dis-ease.

Our spirit or natural, innate intelligence has not only the answer to everything we need to know but knows exactly what to do. Take for example animals, a mother giving birth. This animal receives no training, no education or class on birthing, they just know and they just do!

Each and every human is actually a genius as we all come from the same dna. The difference between one person to the next is how they choice to conduct their lives. It is as if we have two intelligences, our mind which is open to interpret as it sees fit and our god given intelligence which has the answer to nearly everything

We are the same in that fashion with one difference, we have a mind that can interfere with our own natural intelligence, our god within. They are two different operating systems

Your body knows  how to heal itself , its capacities are nearly limitless and all you to do to is to study the tens of thousands of cases of people who were told they had an incurable illness, that they would die shortly and they live for decades vibrantly.

So why is it so hard to listen, to hear our god within?

Here are some of the main reasons that interfere with our ability to hear our god within:


  1. Busy lives, Cluttered Minds
  2. Technology Distractions
  3. Beliefs that interfere with hearing our quiet voice
  4. Do not know your spirit exists


Our responsibility is to connect to this almighty power , force within and take action. When we do, you will be amazed at the results. You will succeed at everything you do.

In our next email we will discuss how to connect deeper to our spirit.

Yours in vibrant health,


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